Third Project Meeting

December 2020
  • Organiser: Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg / West University of Timișoara
  • Participants: Representatives of the partners
  • Working language: English

Context and background

The “Coordinated Higher Institutions Responses to Digitalization” project was the subject of a successful application to Key Action 2 – Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices – of the Erasmus+ programme. The project has been developed by six partners from five EU countries. The official start of the project is 01.11.2019 and it is a 24-month project with the end date being 31.10.2021.
The project has two linked objectives. Firstly, to help universities understand the scale and depths of the challenges they face from digitalisation – to enable them to formulate effective policy and education system governance – by developing and making freely available new methods and techniques in digital skills acquiring, foresighting and forecasting.
Secondly, to develop a new innovative practice (a Digital Skills Escalator) across a selected region in each partner country to test its potential as a mechanism for both identifying where there is unmet demand and subsequent need for new digital skills provision and as a means of building a more holistic offer from education providers. The results will inform a new training course which will be offered through the ENRLMM – the self-financing European network recognized by the European Commission as expert within this field.

Objectives of the meeting

a). Analyze the findings from the Escalator work and lessons learned;
b). Confirm the structure for the Final Escalator Summary Report;
c). Plan the next phase of work – developing the TC and its evaluation;
d). Review the evaluation methodology for the Final Evaluation;
e). Confirm content for the Final Project Report;
f). Plan the Final Conference.